I wonder do you read contex or look for misspells?

February 22, 2006

You know I have been called the most misspelled person out there! HE HE I don’t care about the lack of spelling as much as the message that is in the subject of which I am talking about from day to day. I would much rather read a persons contex and overlook the misspells.

 I have found a study in another site that says people spend more time looking and getting hung up on misspeless than they get from the descussion or contex of a letter or message.

 I have heard it said hey look the boss makes a mistake and they jump all over him! Razzing seems to never stop! I wonder how it would be viewed if you made a misspell or missed a period at the end of a sentence. so when you read my bloggs remember they are off the cuff and probably not spell checked! So please grab the contex and not the misspells because I am letting you know there will be some!  I have big fingers and can press 3 keys and never relise it. so again please forgive the misspells they are not ment to be there but they do happen!

your friend on the net

Ken Boyer


What Is The Truth?

February 5, 2006

Some people streatch the truth. Some tell you that this is God sent. do they meen it ?I wonder aometimes if they did any research on the products they sell or if they are in it just for the money!

 Hi Everyone this is Ken Boyer and Just a little about me and what I do. Over the last few years I have studied marketing from some of the top marketers in the world. I have also and more intensly studied natural foods and what they do. Not one have I found so powerful and so little known as the mangosteen fruit. Now I know most of you will stop reading right here and say to yourself yeah right here we go again with another all natural super product!

 We have been bomb barded with all kinds of juice it seems as of late and everyone jumps from this one to that one. I did not want to be one of those people! I did not want to be a super sales person, or a super writer. I just want to know how a simple man gets the word out so he could help as many people as he could! I will tell you my story in a few but I would like to keep my first real blog short and sweet. I would like to invite you to come and do some research for yourself  www.kjboyer.com take a look around look at the scientific link there in the site and read the reports not from Xango but from the research that is and has been done. Don’t let me get you into this program by hype or by telling you half truths find out the whole truth for yourself.you want to see how we make money doing this then by all means look at the million dollar secret and that should give you all the info you need to see how this pays real well!

 For those of you who ask me Ken How did you get involved with this co? here is my answer. I have a friend that has Lupus(well now I have 4 friends and more on the way with Lupus) and other problems that this helped are many to mention in this blog. So I will stick with Carlos and my story for now. well you see Carlos has been back in the bed for a few weeks we had been trying another product to boost his Immune system so he could get up and move around. well that product wore off after a month and would not work anymore. so I was off to find something else. something he could afford to take that would not break his bank account! You see he did not want to market anything he did not want to sell it he just wanted to take it! so I ran into some more research about the mangosteen fruit. I have at this point heard countless times of Xango but I just dismissed it as another hype drink and moved on. Now as I found out a year later that was A big blunder on my part! As it comes arround to me this time with a powerful story from Sandi Choen I had to take A look and check it out. as it turns out Carlos comes up out of the bed in 1 week and is now working again. My wife and I are happy I found this for him we simply hate to see people in pain! I know this will not help everyone as this is no silver bullet and some things work diffrent for everyone. I do know in my case that arthritis is one thing I can do without! I have found that my hands after 3 months are much better now and I can close them arround my wrenches and the pain is GONE! My Knees are pain free! If I was in your shoes and this passed by me I would have to tell you don’t loose this blog mark it and come back to it often. I would only want to tell you the truth and not streatch anything out of shape. I would not want to make claims that would cause you to missunderstand me or anything about the product I have found called Xango!

 Simply put from one person to another if money is your driving force then you have missed the blessings of helping other people. I view the money side of it as a blessing and WOW what a blessing it is to be in this business. But I will never loose site of the people that I will and have helped  reduce the pain in their lives

your friend on the net

Ken Boyer