I wonder do you read contex or look for misspells?

You know I have been called the most misspelled person out there! HE HE I don’t care about the lack of spelling as much as the message that is in the subject of which I am talking about from day to day. I would much rather read a persons contex and overlook the misspells.

 I have found a study in another site that says people spend more time looking and getting hung up on misspeless than they get from the descussion or contex of a letter or message.

 I have heard it said hey look the boss makes a mistake and they jump all over him! Razzing seems to never stop! I wonder how it would be viewed if you made a misspell or missed a period at the end of a sentence. so when you read my bloggs remember they are off the cuff and probably not spell checked! So please grab the contex and not the misspells because I am letting you know there will be some!  I have big fingers and can press 3 keys and never relise it. so again please forgive the misspells they are not ment to be there but they do happen!

your friend on the net

Ken Boyer


One Response to I wonder do you read contex or look for misspells?

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