Bring me your sick!

     Bring Me Your sick!
In the world today many of us are turning back to the natural ways!
Eating better more exercise and less sleep! Sleep is where the body repairs it’s self so it is important to set aside 8 hours.
If we are so busy chasing a living we can not afford this time! So sleep suffers! I wish you all the best and want you to ask yourself… What would I have to have in order to sleep for that length of time?
I would also like for you to ask what would I have to take in order to feel better? Are you ready for some answers? You see I am no Doctor nor am I affiliated with any medical co or RX company! I can only tell you my experience! I can only tell you that one day not long ago I was sitting in front of my computer wondering about my health. I would not sleep more than 5 hours at a time. I was always feeling run down!
I looked around and have seen a lot of people in my condition!
They could not concentrate on the matters at hand, seemed distracted in many ways. If it were not about how much they earned or which bill they were going to have to hold off from one month to the next. Sad but this seems to be a world wide problem! I know I talk to people all over the world! I was just a board married man in my 40’s life seems to slip by 1 year after the next. The next thing you know you wake up to a horror story you’re retired with little savings or just nothing at all!
 So what can we do to change this and let you rest easier?
MLM or direct sales? Maybe I will start my own business!
Maybe I will just loose everything I got trying! Now I don’t know about you but I thought maybe I would try some things and get a business going. SO Off I went to do the research! WOW all this information is overwhelming we have coaches everywhere that claim they can help us succeed! We have people in the business telling us it is so easy! Make 6 figures in a year! I had to think to myself how the heck are you going to do that? You see I have always been saving a little here and there where I could. I closely guarded my meger savings. I never thought of myself as an extraordinary guy just an average person!
I see things that would help the company I work for run better and make more profit only to have someone else take the credit!
 Does this sound a bit like you? Well enough about that let’s get back to feeling better and get some life in this letter!
 Well I would like to ask you how you’re feeling and I would love to see my email filled with stories from you from your gut!
 I want to reach out today and meet some people that are sick and tired of reading all those hype adds and get to some real stories about real people with real results! I found what I was looking for and have started helping people in my condition! I wanted something backed by God and reaffirmed through research for those that doubt everything unless they try it! Well through research I found the best of the best in my opinion!  You see I have people everyday comparing this juice to that juice and telling me why their juice is the best! I have tried most of them and will say at this point everyone has their fine points and each is going to work different than the other. That is a fact and no denying it. But you will never hear me say one is better than the other I will say that the Mngosteen fruit has more research on it than any other fruit I have found! And my own experience with it has been nothing short of amazing! I could go on for hours but I think you will find out once you try it for yourself!
 I don’t want to sound like a sales man at all that is not what I want you to get from this letter. If you have noticed this letter has been about me and what I have found. Sounds a bit one sided to me! And I don’t like that point either! What I want is to hear from you! What goals do you have? How will you retire? How do you feel? Lots of questions from this man reaching out to you today. If you have Cancer I want to hear from you! I want to hear from people who are well! I want to hear from everyone and start a group! I want you to share your thoughts with me and me with you! I am here on this earth to help all I can when I can!
It is up to you if you want to accept this helping hand or not.
This my heart out here for you to see. I want you to understand I want you to bring me your sick!
Your friend on the net
Ken Boyer


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